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Becos CompIQ Twain Compressor Leak

This looks to be an impressive tool, and forging a new path in the world of compressors and you are seeing it here first. The Becos Twain is a dual band compressor with a whole lot of other tweaking options thoughtfully added.

I'm especially attracted to the dual full array of gain reduction LED's. One for each band. Add in a side chain option, control for soft or hard knee (for each band), cross over point, mix of dry and wet signal, low and high saturation controls, and wow. This looks to be an impressive device.

I also spy a Dual Band/Stack switch which will allow the user to stack the compression circuits on top of one another. That should be interesting.

It is impressive that so many options could be crammed into such a relatively small enclosure. Must be a multi-layer circuit board inside.

Can't wait for this one. The Becos CompIQ Twain Compressor is coming soon, probably in the next one to three months.

I can't wait to put this one through the paces. I have high expectations based on how good the Becos CompIQ Mini Pro and Becos CompIQ Mini One Pro and Becos CompIQ Pro Stella compressors are. The Twain should be stellar.

UPDATE: Complete review is now published here.


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