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Cali76 TX

A compressor pedal reviews shootout!

Selecting the right compressor for your pedal board can be a daunting task. There are many excellent compressor pedals these days but that means there are a lot of options. A more balanced sound, a beefy tone, and more sustain are often what makes compressor pedals appealing to guitarists and bassist.


From optical, to VCA, to Tube, what should you choose? Maybe you are looking for subtle smoothing, or compression that colors your tone, or more of a limiting effect. I’ve been on a journey as of late testing a wide variety of compressor pedals and publishing my reviews here.

It is a great time to be a musician. The amount of quality gear is incredible and that definitely translates to the world of compression. Whether you are a guitarist or bassist, I trust you will find these reviews helpful in narrowing down your selection of the perfect compressor pedal for your needs.

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