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Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor Review

Similar to the review on I agree that this is a lot of pedal for the money. The three way switch is a great feature and has more of a dramatic effect the higher you increase the blend (more dry signal). I do like the mid setting a lot unless I boost the mids on my active basses. Then I much prefer the full position. Low position is great for warmth and it really does boost the lows but only in correlation to how high you have the dry blend. Overall it is a colored compressor. Switch on full is most neutral.

The attack knob doesn't really seem to do much. I guess I need to experiment more with it.

This compressor is pretty easy to dial in though I would like it to have a threshold LED. Not sure about this one yet. It's ok but definitely wouldn't dethrone the FEA or Cali for me. At least I don't think so at this point. But I could be very happy with this one.

Time will tell on all of these. The Studio Bass would be great for someone who wants a lot of features at a low price and a fair amount of versatility. I like the form factor and the top mounted jacks.

Retail price: $169


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