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FEA Opti-Fet Compressor Review

Ok this Optifet rocks. The epitome of smooth and punchy.

The side chain EQ is really great and allows for a lot of low end tight punch if you want.

Right now I have the side chain EQ enabled with the bass turned back to around 9:30 effectively lowering the sensitivity of the compression on the lower frequencies. This makes the lower less squished. I also have the mids rolled back to around 11:00 to let a bit more mids through. Very cool.

Aside from the form factor and side mounted jacks this is a big time contender for me. I don't really care for the gold casing but that's a minor complaint and one that shouldn't matter in the scope of things.

I was having a lot of fun playing with the Cali76 CB but the FEA Optifet has caught my attention. The Optifet is inherently darker than the Cali but it's also smoother for lack of a better word. I really like it.

Retail price: $275


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